About the Awards

Now in its fifth year, the Gulf Customer Experience Awards enables businesses across the Gulf to compete for the ultimate accolade in the world of customer experience. We’re back this year with 15 categories so that any successful organisation can share their initiative. Whether you’re a large private or public company, a young start-up or an established SME, we want to hear how you’re delivering outstanding customer experience.

Because the awards are cross-sector, CX professionals from a diverse range of business backgrounds will be in attendance. Attending our awards is a unique way to acquire new ideas and see how CX best practice is achieved across the economy, looking beyond your own sector and learning from different approaches.

The Gulf Customer Experience Awards are operated by Awards International. Since 2008, we’ve been organising awards programmes that recognise business excellence, particularly focusing on customer experience. We believe winning awards creates real opportunities for personal and professional growth, and we strive to make all our awards educational and inspirational experiences for everyone involved.

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Much-deserved recognition for your hard work and customer experience achievements


Your insights into best practice and learn from fellow professionals


Further innovation and raise your staff morale


Your profile and your business with a prestigious victory!


Your network by connecting with other influential business leaders


Positive changes to your business model with a benchmarked judges’ report

Who can enter the GCXA?

We welcome entries from organisations, teams and individuals, in the private or public sector. We want to hear from people who have interesting and inspirational initiatives to share!

SME or multinational?

Our judges recognise excellence and innovation no matter the size of the organisation. In our experience, SMEs and large organisations fare equally well in front of our panels of independent judges.

What kinds of initiatives can enter the GCXA?

Any initiative in your business or industry that has yielded impressive customer experience results is worthy of nomination for these awards. If your customers are happy and you can use relevant evidence to explain how and why, you are an ideal candidate for our awards.



17th October 2019


14th November 2019


26th November 2019


18th February 2020


Guiding you through the awards journey, your dedicated awards consultant can advise you on all manner of queries: how to write you entry, how to present effectively, which award or awards to enter, or any other questions you might have. We also provide many free resources online, such as winner’s case studies, informative webinars, and our popular Customer Experience Magazine.


Step 1

Choose the categories that best showcase your customer experience initiatives

Step 2

Nominate your initiative and receive access to the Online Portal, where you submit your application

Step 3

Write your entry with the support of our free case studies, articles and webinars

Step 4

Get shortlisted by a panel of our most prominent judges

Step 5

Secure your place at the highly-anticipated awards finals and prepare for the event

Step 6

Enjoy a fantastic day of networking at the memorable awards finals

Step 7

Receive a benchmark feedback report with competitors’ scores and judges’ comments

Why our Awards are Different

For over ten years, Awards International has been operating awards programmes in the UK, Gulf and beyond, rewarding positive business practices in our own unique way.

Our large panel of independent judges - more than any other equivalent awards - is one highly distinctive feature of our awards. We also publicise our transparent scoring criteria, which have been endorsed by Cranfield School of Management.

On the day itself, the conference-style awards are designed to give finalists opportunities to network and share best practice ideas. The business leaders in attendance come from a wide range of economic sectors - and this cross-fertilisation of customer experience knowledge is extremely beneficial.

After the awards, you will receive a detailed feedback report with the judges’ scores and comments, helping you to refine your strategy going forward.

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