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Apply to Judge

What does the judging involve?

We're looking for experienced, knowledgeable and enthusiastic business professionals to be official judges at our awards – could this be you?

  • Hear

    first-hand how other professionals have implemented their outstanding CX strategies.

  • Assess

    the entries in your category, with the chance to put questions to the presenters.

  • Inspire

    the finalists to improve and develop further by providing your written feedback.

Apply to Judge
Benefits of Being a Judge
  • Inspire other finalists with your expertise and offer guidance on how they can improve their strategy.
  • Discover the latest innovations and stay up to date in an ever-changing business landscape.
  • Network with the other judges and finalists at the Awards.
  • Attend the online Awards Finals and find out who the winners are.
  • Submit thought leadership and other contributions to 25,000 subscribers through the Customer Experience Magazine.
  • Develop your personal and professional brand across the industry.
  • Use a promotional card and Awards judge logo on your social media.
  • Become a member of The Judge Club.

Apply to Judge
Step-by-step guide

  • 1

    Express Your Interest

    Phone Milica Jovanov on +44 2086387946 or email milica.j@awardsinternational.com or connect with her on LinkedIn to provide an overview of your experience / share your LinkedIn profile and find out more about the Awards and The Judge Club.
    Book a Call
  • 2

    Get Your Application Reviewed

    Looking at your CV or LinkedIn profile, we will ensure you meet our high standards and find a category that suits your experience and expertise. This usually takes no more than 24 hours.
  • 3

    Confirm Your Place

    Becoming a judge includes membership of The Judge Club. There are several levels of membership which offer different benefits. Organise a call with Milica (details above), complete the Apply to Judge page or visit The Judge Club website to find out more.
  • 4

    Online Judging - First Phase

    For Scoring Round I, you will be allocated 5-8 entries to assess, according to your experience and expertise. You will have four weeks to review, score and comment on these entries using our online submission system.
  • 5

    Live Judging - Second Phase

    On February 21st 2022, at the Finals, you will conduct Scoring Round II as part of the judging panel. You will see and assess a series of 15-minute live presentations followed by 15 minutes of Q&A. After the Q&A, judges submit their scores and provide written feedback. This feedback is included in the Benchmark Report that is emailed to each finalist after the Finals.

    You will also be invited to attend the online live Awards Ceremony which will take place in the evening.
  • 6

    Network and Connect

    The Awards Finals will be a large gathering of top CX Professionals in the Gulf region. These include both judges and finalists. During several breaks throughout the day, you can take the time to connect with other participants, network and gain fresh information from the industry.
  • 7

    Spread the Word

    Use your Judge’s Personal Promo Card and Judge Logo on your social media before long after the Awards Finals! Submit content to the Customer Experience Magazine to establish yourself as a reputable thought leader and an expert in CX.

Meet the judges

Apply to Judge