Awards Categories

The Gulf Customer Experience Awards
recognise and celebrate the delivery of an exceptional customer experience

This year there are 29 categories aimed at organisations who are delivering an outstanding customer experience across the region.

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Entries can be from individuals and/or organisations, as well as those companies who have partnered with other businesses to ensure an effective customer experience. There is no limit to the number of categories any one person or organisation can enter.

Decide on the entry you are going to make for the Gulf Customer Experience Awards based on the category titles below.

Financial/Insurance Services: Banking and Investment - Any type of banking and/or investment services including credit card companies and investment funds including Any type of insurance provision including home, life, business, car

Retail - Restaurants, retailers, Logistics, delivery services, consumer services, Clothes, food, books, DVDs, gifts and any other retail products, Fine dining, fast food

Government Services - Healthcare services, policing, public information, local service, public sector

SME - Medium, Small & Micro Organisations

Best Customer Experience Strategy - A customer experience strategy that demonstrated a tangible shift in direction and that lead to positive business results

Contact Centre - Any type of contact centre

Client Relationship Management - Using CRM and/or related CRM technology to deliver great customer experience

Customer Insight & Feedback - Listening to customers and making high impact use of the knowledge gleaned, providing customer insight gathering and sharing services

Customer Complaints - focuses on how businesses manage consumer complaints

Most Effective Customer Experience in Social Media - Using individual or a mix of the channels available - Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google+

Best Measurement in Customer Experience - That demonstrates the use of key CX metrics to bring a greater customer focus to tracking, analysing and effectively measuring initiatives

Business Change or Transformation - Delivery of a great Customer Experience through change or transformation of the organisation

New Product, Product Improvement - Delivery of a great Customer Experience through change or addition to product

Customer Happiness - Recognising organisations that implemented a comprehensive Happiness strategy and initiative which reflects on its customers which delivered customer happiness.

Customer Experience Professional - Who has identified and responded to an opportunity resulting in significant impact on customer experience and as a result, the organisation

Customer Experience Team - That has identified and responded to an opportunity resulting in significant impact on customer experience and as a result, the organisation

Best Government use of Digital - Government agency which delivers the best digital experience

Best Application/Use of Mobile - From Apps for public use to more complex applications for commercial use

Best Integrated Approach - Using a mix of digital channels – mobile, social media

Best Internal Use of Digital - Improving employee experience via digital e.g. intranet, using digital to help employees better deliver customer experience

Digital Strategy - That implemented an effective digital strategy that lead to positive business results

Digital Agency - That delivers the best digital experience or improvement in digital experience or helps others do this

Digital Transformation - The profound transformation of business and organizational activities. A focus on processes, competencies and models to significantly enhance customer and employee experiences that fully use changes and opportunities available in a mix of digital technologies

Employee Empowerment - A Strategy designed to enhance the employee experience, demonstrate corporate wellbeing and linking employee engagement and empowerment to the heart of the business

Employee Engagement - Engaging employees to deliver great Employee Experience and consequently business results

Employee Insight and Feedback - Listening to employees, making high impact use of the knowledge gleaned to deliver great Employee Experience

Employee Happiness - Recognising the organisations that demonstrate a comprehensive Employee Happiness strategy and initiatives that translates into tangible business outcomes and have had an impact on the bottom line and the organization. An organisation that have created a happy workplace culture that nurtures, engages and reinforces employees’ role

HR Team of the Year - That has led, coordinated &/or delivered a great Employee Experience

HR Metrics and Analytics - The most impactful, strategic, innovative use of metrics and / or analytics to drive organizational performance.

An Overall Gulf Customer Experience Awards
Winner will also be announced on the day. This is derived from the entry that achieves the Judges’ highest score from all categories in each of the Awards i.e. the ‘Winner’s Winner!’

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