5 Tips For a Successful Digital Transformation (With Lessons From Our Winners)

The digital age is upon us. In the following years, we can expect to see more and more businesses transitioning to digital, to facilitate their processes and improve customer experience.

The reason for this transition is simple. Unless companies worldwide embrace digital solutions, it will be difficult for them to face future challenges and stay afloat.

This is why every organisation must approach digital transformation well. But, how to do that? In this article, we have prepared five tips for successful digital transformation.

And as a bonus, we will share with you the winning story from one of our previous finalists – and winners, Gulf CX, as an example of a digital transformation done right.

1. Specify How Digital Will Improve Your Business

It won't be possible to improve unless you know exactly what you want to achieve with digital. Before conducting the transformation, specify all the areas you want to improve and connect them to the big picture. Be clear as to how digital solutions will drive your business forward.

2. Identify Measurable Goals You Want to Achieve

If you want to know whether you’ve reached the desired results, you will need to measure them. This is why it’s crucial to decide on the metrics you want to track and for which you want to store data. When your goals are measurable, they will be easier to pursue and achieve.

3. Choose the Right Technology for Your Business

There are various digital solutions, and the technology is not the same for all of them. To get the most from it, you must use the best technology to address your business needs. Therefore, analyse your work processes, compare them with the desired goals and implement the right technology.

4. Provide Proper Training to Your Employees

Introducing new digital solutions can be extremely challenging for your employees, especially those who are not tech-savvy. Because of this, you need to invest enough time in training your employees well, so that each of them fully understands the solutions they're using to complete their tasks.

5. Respond Quickly to Resolve Potential Issues

Switching to digital can often cause many issues, be it various glitches, misunderstandings in communication, malfunctions, and so on. The last thing your customers want is to get stuck midway, with a problem they cannot solve. Set up a system for resolving issues swiftly and effectively.

Success Story: How our winners performed a digital transformation to yield top results

In this article, we want to bring your attention to the amazing work of our finalists from previous awards - Gulf CX - and talk about how they helped their partners achieve top results.

Gulf CX is dedicated to transforming customer experience management with a high-end approach to running contact centres, a strong focus on digital, automation and an advanced skill set for empowering CX employees.

In 2018, Goldenscent partnered with Gulf CX to lead customer engagement and transformation over the following two years. The objectives were: improving, measuring and reporting on the KPIs for the contact centre, and especially the full digital transformation of their brand. It was a complex endeavour that required a complete overhaul with the utmost attention to detail.

They established a two-year plan, from 2018 to 2020, to grow digital engagement from 0% upon signing a contract to above 50% . Also, to reduce returns, the number of cancellations and delivery times. And in addition to this, they planned to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, with a direct and measurable impact on sales.

The problems identified

The Solutions Introduced

The Results Achieved

The team at Gulf CX really did an all-around fantastic job with the digital transformation, as their efforts resulted in an increase of engagement by 50%, a significant increase in order confirmations and proactive-to-bot deflection over 90%.

Their partners, Goldenscent, got an increase in the average basket size by 220%, with strengthened brand loyalty and a highly personalised customer experience. They also witnessed 60% of conversations that resulted in escalations to agents and, therefore, the human touch element that was added to the whole customer journey.

In addition to this, the team at Gulf CX managed to get their partners 93% for CSAT (customer satisfaction rate) and NPS (net promoter score) of 68% as the average for 2020, thus exceeding all targets for the e-commerce brand and solidifying the success of the whole project.

Do you have any digital transformation projects that you're immensely proud of? If yes, why not present it to our judging panel and get in the race for one of the awards?

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