How to provide excellent CX during crisis with lessons from our winner

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that sudden changes can take place literally overnight and that entire industries can face a crisis of massive proportions.

What can an organisation do when faced with such changes? How can your business be better equipped for addressing a crisis so that you emerge better and stronger than before?

Actually, good customer experience can help you a lot during challenging times for your organisation. Here is how you can provide good CX in a crisis and get the most for your company, your employees, as well as your customers.

Refine your company culture

Your company will react to changes well if all your employees understand and embrace your company culture. The more your employees believe in your goals and values, the better prepared they will be for the challenges ahead.

Do you know what you want to achieve? Do you know what your core values are? If yes, be sure that all your employees know this as well. And if not, refine the company culture so that each employee can identify with your values.

Take care of your employees

If your employees are not happy, and if their needs are not met, chances are they won't work well. As a result, they won't be able to help the customers in the best way, and your customers will eventually leave in search of better service.

This is why it's essential that you take care of your employees, ask about their mental health and wellbeing at the workplace - and show them they can count on you if need be. And when a crisis occurs, they will be better equipped to handle their stress and customers' requirements.

Also, develop a system for working remotely. This way, your employees can feel safe while working from home, while the quality of their work and the overall productivity isn't compromised.

Listen carefully to customers' feedback

When a crisis occurs, you need to be attuned to the wants and needs of your customers, day in and day out. Your organisation will have to listen to every "whisper" coming from your customers and make appropriate changes.

This is the time to make good use of social media. Listen carefully to what your customers are saying in the comments and DMs (don't leave that inbox unattended). Pay special attention to what they're saying, what they're asking for and what they're complaining about. This will allow you to respond better and offer the right solutions.

Respond promptly and effectively

The last thing customers want is to wait indefinitely for a reply. This is a sure way of losing customers and damaging your reputation; therefore, be sure to respond to each of your customers' inquiries promptly and effectively. What does this mean?

It's not enough to simply be prompt without offering a solution (a good solution, not a quick fix). So, first, respond to an inquiry within a reasonable time - not more than one day - and then give your best to solve your customer's problem. Remember, the longer customers wait, the more nervous they will be - and the more they will expect you to offer them a speedy and straightforward solution.

Let customers see how you cherish them

Going above and beyond what customers usually expect can help you immensely because it will show them how important they are to you. By this, we mean offering something on top of your usual products/services. Something that makes them feel respected and loved.

This can be a support group created especially to help customers voice their opinions, share ideas or simply have a chat with someone from your organisation. Also, it can be freebies, incentives and special discounts. Even a lovely, handwritten thank-you card can mean the world to them.

The more you show how much you cherish them, the more your customers will appreciate you. And chances are they will stay loyal to your company in the future, long after the crisis is over.

Success Story: How our winner managed to transform their CX model at the outbreak of the pandemic

Here's what one of our winners from GCXA 21, Raya Contact Center, had to do in response to the crisis while at the same time taking care of their employees. They had to introduce a work-from-home model, but also to ensure business continuity for their organisation.

The change was massive, because up until then, they were working 100% offline, and the whole business model had to be changed overnight. This was a two-pronged challenge; on one hand, employees' health had to be protected, and on the other - business operations had to be put in order and stabilised. It was definitely not an easy task, but they were determined to succeed and not let the current challenges prevent them from thriving.

RAYA Contact Center constantly had their customers in mind, and made sure that the new model is presented in detail, so that each customer can understand the benefits. Open communication channels were also established, so that any potential concerns coming from the customers could be addressed promptly, with as little friction as possible. And in places with poor internet connection, the agents received USB modems as back up, in case of issues with connectivity.

Our finalists managed to facilitate working from home for their employees, keeping them safe, but also achieved excellent business results, exceeding their planned goals and achieving a high percentage of customer satisfaction. And not only that none of their services got interrupted, but they also managed to improve the overall quality of their operations and come out stronger than pre-pandemic. 

How have you managed to navigate through the crisis caused by the pandemic, in the last year and a half? Do you have results you are proud of, and would like to be rewarded for?

We have a category named "CX in Times of Crisis", for those organisations that managed to excel at delivering exquisite customer experience during a crisis, with minimum negative impact on their business goals.

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