How to put your customers at the heart of everything you do?

You have a higher chance of improving your business and achieving long-term success if you make your customers the centre of all company efforts. Everything your company does should be directed towards the customers, so that they feel cherished and appreciated from start to finish. But, how to do that? Here are five tips for making your organisation more customer-focused.


Observe your business from the customers' perspective


Reimagine the entire journey from the customers' point of view. If you were the customer, what would you like about your business? What would bother you? How would you feel about the whole customer journey? Would everything be tailored according to your needs as a customer or not?


These are all fundamental questions that will help you define your purpose much better. Businesses tend to forget that the customers are always at the centre of all company efforts. Therefore, if you reimagine your entire business from the viewpoint of your ideal customer, it will help you create the perfect experience for them.


An excellent example of this would be what one of our GCXA21 winners, DHL Express Kuwait, did to provide the best experience to their customers. They quickly adapted their business model for customers new to online shopping and shipping, informing and educating them about shipping, transport, clearance and value-added services. Maintaining regular communication, they provided various means of contact and sent updates with relevant information, determined not just to merely satisfy, but delight their customers.


As a result of this, the company didn’t lose a single day of down (while many competitors’ centres were shut down or unavailable during lockdown). They were fully operational, without a single day of suspension of delivery services, even during whole lockdown days. They also maintained all major KPIs, upselling and sales targets; in addition to all this, revenue generated by their Customer Service Team grew compared to the previous year.


That is the true strength of being customer-focused.


Use technology to facilitate the processes


If used properly, technology can be of great help in providing exquisite customer experience. Apply tech solutions that will bring your product/service closer to the customers.


For example, chatbots are great when trying to improve your customer service. Mind you, they don't have to replace a call centre altogether, but they can be a very helpful addition. Also, you can create your business app, enrich your website with additional features, etc. If used correctly, technology can be of great help along the customer journey.


Be open for feedback and improvement


The best way to learn about what customers need is by listening to the them more. Allow them to leave feedback via surveys, polls, social media comments, etc.


The more you learn about your customers' needs, the better you will be at helping them. That is why it's essential to allow your audience to express their opinion on all vital aspects of your business. This will enable you to tailor your content according to the customers and personalise the whole buying journey for them.


Simplify the entire customer journey


Customers don't want to spend too much time figuring out what to do. Offer them intuitive solutions and eliminate all the unnecessary details along the way.


Remember: every point of the customer journey should lead to the desired outcome i.e. - the solution of their problem. As the customer goes through each section of their journey, they should be more knowledgeable about your product/service and reassured that it would help them completely. There should be no distractions. If they are particular about the outcome, and if the journey is simple and intuitive, it will significantly improve their experience.


Never stop improving your solutions


There is always room for improvement, and your customers will appreciate your efforts in this regard. Never stop perfecting every aspect of your business. Track your results, compare them with customer satisfaction and single out all those aspects that can be improved, further developed or introduced as brand-new.


This will allow customers to see how you genuinely care about their experience and how you give your best to place them at the heart of everything your organisation does.


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