The Importance of Employee Engagement and Happiness (With A Success Story From Our Winners)

If a business wants to achieve long-term success, it needs to invest time and effort in creating an excellent working atmosphere. This is a prerequisite for employee engagement and employee happiness. But, what does it mean to have employees that are happy and engaged at work?

Contrary to what many people think, these two terms are not mutually inclusive. A happy employee won't necessarily be highly engaged in their daily tasks. Let us make sure that we understand the differences between them to continue discussing their benefits.

Employee engagement refers to the processes that enable employees to work stress-free in a productive way, so they stay focused on helping customers. Employee happiness is not the same thing; for example, your employees can be quite happy but not very productive - and not all that helpful to your customers.

Employee happiness refers to having an emotional connection with the company a person works for. They care about their colleagues and believe in the company's vision so much that they don't think about leaving the company. And even if they entertained the idea, the reasons to stay always outweigh the reasons to go.

Because of this, you must ensure that your employees are engaged and happy because both are important for your business success in the long run.

Success Story: How Our Winners Excelled At Providing the Best Employee Engagement and Happiness

Our past winners, King Abdullah University of Science & Technology - Government Affairs, are a diverse community, with over one hundred nationalities and their team. being a culture of innovation, GA encourages all employees to try out new methods and share with the team to promote growth and further development.

The Goal

To improve their employees' health, well-being, and productivity, they designed a detailed well-being and fitness programme for the entire team. Their team represents the university for many different government entities' interactions; their security ensures the safety of 19000+ community members and contractors, including the 40 square kilometre campus (being the first point of contact for strategic engagement with government entities, KAUST employees and visitors). For example, they meet and greet new faculty staff members at the airport, ensure smooth access to the campus, etc.

The approach

GA performed a detailed feasibility study and analysed the status of the skills and training of all their employees. They partnered with the HR department and trained all of their employees to train other team members effectively. In 12 months, their team delivered 6213 hours of developmental training. Also, the leadership rewarded all team members who lost weight (to be fit and healthy).

The Results

Implementing these changes has resulted in an increase in team morale, healthy competition and wholesome professional representation. Their employees are more confident with their skills to achieve success. The initiative has a long-term impact on the employees because it enhances their skills and confidence. Because of this, the employees are motivated to work towards the GA strategic goal of providing exquisite customer experience.

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See you at the awards!