What You Can Expect at the Awards - and After

The GCXA22 is getting closer and closer, and we're so happy to see such interest in customer experience in the gulf region. The awards will be a great place to celebrate the best results. But, what are all the things you can expect if you join the awards?

In this blog, we will list four significant things you can expect - and why you should enter the race for the awards right away.

Ethical assessment of your entry and presentation

It's not just about getting an award - it's about getting an award fair and square in tough competition from your industry peers. We know that many excellent companies in the Gulf region are doing great work, and winning there means a lot to you. So, we wanted to make sure that those who will deserve to win without a shred of doubt!

The only way to do this is by inviting top industry professionals as judges. Our judges are all seasoned in their industries, and they know how to assess every entry. The entries are scored based on script criteria, and there is no way any of the judges can influence each other.

They are entirely independent in their decisions and grades, bringing their experience to help - which means that - if you win, you truly deserve to win! It goes both for your written entry and your presentation at the awards finals. Every point counts!

Networking with leading CX professionals

Getting in the race for the accolades is one thing, but it's also beneficial for a business to create new acquaintances and establish new busies contacts. This is why we're organizing CXTrendsTalks at every of our CX awards to enable companies to connect and exchange viewpoints and ideas.

You will be able to meet many leading professionals if you attend! We have keynote speakers, a panel discussion with industry leaders, as well as the breakout room. These talks are always fun and engaging for most of our participants, with a lot of cool tips and advice shared.

The only way to get the most from this is by attending, which means that, even if you don't bring back an accolade, you will get an equally important award, and that's a potential new business contact, customers, etc.

Promotion on all of our marketing channels

As we often like to say, our awards finalists are promoted in more ways than one! When you become a finalist, i.e. when you're shortlisted, you're not only given the opportunity to compete at the awards. No! We will promote you way before the actual finals and ceremony via our large subscriber base and newsletters, as well as social media.

We promote finalists in each category by mentioning them and linking to their social media profiles, websites, etc. On the day the finalists are announced, we send out an email update to our vast network of subscribers with the link to the finalist page. It means that your potential customers and business contacts will hear about this before the ceremony, and you get to brag about it all you want!

This gives you a chance to promote your business further and bring more attention to the services you're offering. Because we're all about supporting and helping you become even better at what you do!

This goes well after the finals, as we send emails about the winners and regularly update our Hall of Fame. Also, if you want, you will stay in our awards family, which means that we will notify us about all the interesting news about CX and our future award programmes.

We organize network sessions, workshops, etc. So many things for our dear awarders!

Join them by taking part in GCXA22.[here]