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There are 16 categories you can apply to compete in. No matter the size, sector or scope of your organisation, we have the right category for you. Go through each of the categories and choose those that best match your initiative.

*Remember, you can apply for up to 6 categories.

Customers at the Heart of Everything™

It’s really all about customers! This is one of our most popular categories, and with good reason! The award goes to those organisations who have put extra effort into placing customers at the centre of all company activities, from start to finish. Are your customers at the heart of what you do? What have you done to make them feel appreciated? Show it to the judging panel!

CX in Times of Crisis

This award is for those organisations that managed to excel at delivering exquisite customer experience during a crisis, with minimum negative impact on their business goals and results. Also, it acknowledges those businesses that managed to thrive during these troublesome times, with the pandemic and everything that happened as a result of it.

Best Citizen Experience

The award in this category is reserved for public sector organisations that have worked hard to ensure that citizens have a great experience when using their services. Have you gone to great lengths to ensure citizens have the best experience with your organisation? Let us know how!

Best Patient Experience

Patients are also customers, because they expect to get the best health services possible. Good CX should also be guaranteed to patients, so that they can have the much-needed peace of mind. This is for healthcare organisations that take the best care of their patients.

Best Guest Experience

How to ensure that a guest has the best customer experience? By making them feel cherished and respected, and by anticipating and solving their problems in the best way, so that they can truly enjoy their stay. This category is for those organisations in the hospitality industry that excel at creating exquisite guest experience.

Customer Happiness

How happy are your customers? Do they keep returning for your products/services? Have you make sure that they have the best customer experience? Show us how you help your customers feel happy!

Best Employee Experience

In order for a company to function well, its employees have to be respected and allowed to have the best time both while working, but also outside working hours. Show us how you created the best experience for your employees, so they don’t even think about going elsewhere.

Best Use of AI/VR/AR in Customer Experience

New technology is invaluable when it comes to creating the best customer experience. From artificial intelligence to virtual reality, and augmented reality, business can do wonders to delight their customers. This category is for organisations that have used technology to provide the best CX.

Best Omnichannel Customer Experience

The best results in CX will be achieved if a business takes the omnichannel approach. Omnichannel means creating the best experience for your customers at every point of communication, from emails, to chatbot messages, social media, and beyond. Show us why your omnichannel CX should deserve to win!

CX Strategy

Your customer experience efforts will be most effective if you take the time to create a long-term strategy. How did you approach this invaluable aspect of CX? Share your results and get in the race for the best CX strategy!

Digital Transformation

Transforming a business is rarely an easy task, but digital solutions have enabled companies to make the switch to digital as smoothly as possible. However, there are still many challenges to overcome, in terms of efficiency and overall cost of the whole process. This award is given to those businesses that have managed to make to transform themselves digitally and thrive because of implemented changes.

Contact Centre

Contact centres are central sections of all customer interaction, assisting customers in whatever they need. From marketing to sales, a contact centre is what sets you apart from the competition; it keeps you on the frontline and helps you understand your customers much better. If you have a contact centre you’re proud of, apply and get a chance of winning an award for this category.

Inclusive Experience

The real difference is created when a business cares about all its customers, including people of determination. Show us how your organisation approached this sensitive aspect of business, caring for all its customers in the best way.

CX Team of the Year

No matter how good individual efforts are, teamwork will always stay on top. Having a good team in any section of the company can save a lot of time, energy and financial resources; this goes for CX as well. The award in this category is given to the best CX team of the year, praising its members for great work done to help customers feel respected and cherished.

CX Woman of the Year

The entire customer landscape is richer for having amazing women as CX professionals. This category is reserved for all the women that have done outstanding work helping organisations excel at CX. Submit the entry and show the reasons for getting this award!

CX Professional of the Year

There will always be outstanding individuals that put extra effort into producing the best results for their companies. Who is the CX professional you’re most proud of? What are the results they achieved for the company in the previous year? This category celebrates the best individuals from CX, doing what they know best.

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