Customers at the Heart of Everything

For organisations who have worked tirelessly to make the customer their main focus. You’ll need to prove the steps you’ve taken to prioritise the customer within your organisation.

Customers at the Heart of Everything - Transportation

CX Strategy

For organisations that have developed a comprehensive and successful strategy to improve their customer experience, improving business performances as a result.

CX in Times of Crisis

For those who have shown flexibility and innovation to keep delivering for their customers in difficult times. Whether it’s moving your operations online or adjusting your business activities in another way, this award is for those who’ve achieved great results under pressure.

CX in Times of Crisis - Customers at the Heart

Customer Happiness

Customer happiness is increasingly important all across the Gulf (for instance, Dubai is aiming to be the world’s happiest city). This award is for organisations that work tirelessly to make their customers happy.

Citizen Experience

This is for public sector organisations that have worked hard to ensure that citizens have a great experience when using their services.

Contact Centre

For contact centres who help organisations manage their customer experience through phone, email, newsletters, face to face interactions, social platforms and online chat.

Digital Transformation - Category sponsor: WICX

If your organisation has seen successful large-scale change involving digital technology/ this award is for you!

Digital Transformation - Strategy

Employee Engagement and Happiness

Great EX leads to great CX: this award goes to organisations who have improved the health, wellbeing and satisfaction of their staff.

Employees at the Heart of Everything

This is for organisations whose employee-centricity is the key to delivering customer experience results.

CX Team of the Year

This award is for teams that have worked together successfully to deliver amazing results for their customers and improve their organisation’s performance.

CX Professional of the Year - Category sponsor: Silah

This is for a customer experience professional who has made an outstanding contribution to their field and advances the cause of customer experience wherever they go.

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