Meet the Judges

Meet the Judges who will be bringing their industry knowledge and category specific skillsets to assess this year Awards Finalists. Of course we also take care to ensure there are no conflicts of interest and all Judges also sign a confidentiality agreement.

This page is constantly being updated as more Judges are approved to be part of the panels. Make sure you revisit it to discover more about our Judges.

All our judges apply to judge. This commitment is vital to the credibility of awards and to ensuring a balanced and independent approach.

Judges are selected based on their experience and qualification. We aim to have large panels of independent businessmen and women, enabling us to allocate a reasonable number of entries to each judge to ensure that the evaluation is thorough.

If you are interested in applying to Judge at the Awards why not visit our “Apply to Judge” page to find out more and to see whether you would benefit from joining the Judges below.

Anas Almarie

Director of Training

Ian Golding

Customer Experience Specialist

Balakrishna Murthy

Business Director

Akram H. Raffoul

Partner, Executive Director

Edward Matti

Managing Partner

Gus Younis

Marketing & Digital Strategist

Ayesha Rashid

Customer Experience and Strategy Consultant

Sonia Bhatia Salmin

Global Head – Customer Centricity

Craig Lee

Independent CX Advisor & Co-founder

Helen Sell

Customer Experience and Service Design Consultant

Marcus von Kloeden

Managing Director

Daniel Ord

CCXP, Founder

Naveed Kashif

Director Government Relations

Ismail Al Hammadi

Managing Director

Fahad Khalaf


Salah Al-Hidiq

Co-Founder / Managing Director

Ahmad Al-Hidiq

Managing Director

Rejil Kumar

General Manager

Hessa Al Ghurair

Chief Human Resources Officer & CSR Lead

Andrea Piccin


Ayman Al Awadhi

Group Managing Director

Indu Singhal


Marc Karschies

Managing Partner

Brad Boyson

Executive Director

Francisco Lafuente


Jorge Castellote


David Reid


James Duthie

Chief Executive Officer

Rima H. Ahmed

CFO and Regional Director of Shared Services

Mohammed Husary

UAS Co-Owner/Founder and Executive President

Lynn Baker


Emad Hamdi

Managing Director